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Under Pennsylvania’s strict DUI laws, you could face serious penalties even on a first offense. Enhancing factors — such as a prior DUI, excessive blood alcohol or a child in the car — only magnify the potential consequences. You need the help of our DUI lawyers in a situation as serious at this.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., you are defended by skilled attorneys who know how to protect your rights and respond to the allegations. We will do everything we can to mitigate the consequences of a DUI arrest. We defend adults of all walks of life, as well as college students and youths, who face drunk driving charges in Berks County, Lancaster County and Lebanon County.

Experienced DUI Lawyers

No one sets out with the intention of driving under the influence. And yet you are treated as a criminal — pulled over, questioned, “tested,” subjected to the indignities of the arrest process and ultimately charged with DUI or a refusal violation.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, our DUI lawyers do not judge you or view you as a criminal. We treat you as a citizen who is charged with these offenses and presumed innocent. We take the time to listen to the circumstances of your DUI incident to spot the weaknesses in the state’s case. We give our honest assessment and work hard to position you for the most favorable result. Always remember:

  • You have rights. You are entitled to constitutional rights and rights under the Pennsylvania DUI statutes, including the right to contest the criminal allegation and license suspension.
  • You have defenses. Our attorneys know how to challenge the traffic stop, the field sobriety tests, the blood alcohol sample and other facets of your arrest. Our efforts have resulted in favorable negotiations as well as acquittals at trial.
  • You have options. On a first offense of DUI, you may qualify for dismissal of charges (ARD). If you face a drug DUI, repeat DUI or enhanced charges, you may qualify for alternative sentencing programs to limit the punishment or get help for an addiction problem.

The biggest mistake is to plead guilty or go to court without legal representation. You need an experienced DUI defense lawyer who understands the laws and the system, especially if you are facing second- or third-tier DUI penalties under Pennsylvania’s grading system. Beyond jail and loss of driving privileges, any drunk driving conviction can affect education, employment, insurance rates and your standing in the community.

Preventing A Mistake From Causing Severe Consequences

If you contact our defense attorneys quickly, we can start working to reduce possible penalties before you even get to court. One option may be getting you enrolled in a treatment program to show that you are trying to prevent this from happening again. Another option may be the accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) program which allows for dismissal of the charges and the arrest to be erased from your record on completion of the program.

We examine the report and evidence collected by the arresting police officer. The attorneys on our team look for possible improper conduct or mistakes made during the arrest. Whenever possible, we obtain any video footage of the traffic stop. We may also obtain the records of service for the “Breathalyzer” machine if you took a breath test as part of the arrest. Our main priority is protecting you and your future.

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