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Child Custody Law in Pennsylvania

As a parent, your top priority is ensuring your child is in the best care. After all, they are the most vulnerable part of the family unit. But, this is not always easy as divorcing couples are often unable to agree on a common solution. So, when a favorable agreement is not reached, you should bring in your own trusted lawyers to handle the matter.

In child custody cases, we can fight for one of four options, depending on what you are looking for:

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to a form of custody that defines which parent primarily lives with the child daily. So, you may have sole physical custody or joint physical custody of your child. If you have full custody, then you are essentially the custodial parent.

The non-custodial parent is often obliged to pay child support.

Legal Custody

Legal custody refers to who has control, under the law, to dictate the child’s upbringing. That means you make important decisions in their lives, including where they go to school, their medical affairs, what religious instruction they receive, etc. Like physical custody, legal custody may be solely given to one parent, or it may be shared by both parents.

Full or Sole Custody

If you are granted both physical and legal custody, then you have full custody of your child. In this case, they live with you, and you control important decisions in their life. However, the other parent may still get visitation rights.

Joint or Shared Custody As for shared or joint custody, you and the other parent share custody of your child. You may either have joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or both.

Now, our job as your legal representative is to:

  • Offer legal counsel on your child custody case
  • Negotiate your case out of court, if so needed
  • Represent you in court if the case should proceed there

You may also need our legal services beyond determining the child custody case for the first time. So, in addition, we can help you modify or overturn existing custody orders, enforce existing child custody orders, sort out relocation issues, apply for child support, or lay down child visitation schedules.

Why Choose Our Legal Counsel in Lancaster, PA?

Given just how critical your child custody case is, you definitely want to get the best law firm to represent you. The right lawyer for you should be able to grasp the specifics of the case and mount a good argument for why you should get custody.

If you are in Lancaster, Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C. is the most trusted firm you can hire for all family law matters. With us, you can be sure of:

Extensive Experience

Get competent legal counsel to advise and represent you from the start. We will adequately prepare a strong case by gathering all documentation and facts that may be of help and representing you and your interests for the child.

Having handled hundreds of similar cases in more than a decade of practice, you can be sure that the very best of hands are on your case.

Excellent Reputation with the Courts 

Our legal services have gained a great reputation with not just clients but the judges and other court staff too. That said, we will do everything possible to show the judge that you have your child’s best interests at heart and deserve custody.

Representation to the End

We will fight for your child custody case to the end, whether that means reaching an agreement outside court or going through the litigation process. We understand PA family law and will invest our resources and expertise to give you the best shot.

Great Attorney-Client Relationship

While our goal is to ensure the final verdict in your child custody case turns out in your favor, we also do our best to make your experience as positive, open, and tolerable as possible throughout the process.

Get a family law attorney who is empathetic and understanding of your situation.

We Can Help You with Other Family Law Matters in Lancaster, PA

While we specialize in child custody and visitation issues, they are not the only areas we cover. Our focus and qualifications cover other family law areas and even beyond. You may also get in touch with us if you need legal counsel on:

  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Alimony/ spousal support
  • Criminal Defense
  • DUI

Want the Best for Your Child? Our Reputable Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for Joint or Primary Custody for You

Divorce or separation is often emotionally and legally complicated, especially when children are involved. Without proper counsel, you risk losing custody or getting unfavorable terms in court. Having a lawyer helps you explore all the options available and gives you the best shot in court.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we help biological parents defend their fundamental rights to be part of their children’s lives. In certain situations, we also represent grandparents, family members, and other parties seeking child custody.

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