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Divorce Lawyer in Lebanon, PA

Divorce is one of the most difficult and emotional legal services to provide, particularly when children are involved. When you decide to divorce, you and your partner will be at odds over who will get what. It is typically a stressful process that includes determining child custody, alimony, and how to divide property.

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Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

A divorce lawyer can assist you in evaluating and negotiating the terms of your divorce, allowing you to settle for what you are entitled to. Experienced divorce lawyers in Lebanon, PA, can assist you and your partner in reaching a valid agreement and obtaining the money and other resources you require to move on. We will assist you in resolving your issues and stabilizing your relationship with your partner so that you can move forward. The attorneys at Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C.’s have the knowledge and hands-on experience to assist you in gathering relevant information to make your divorce as smooth and fair as possible. What you should know about our legal services in Lebanon, PA, and how they can help you?

What Happens During a Divorce?

Divorce is a common occurrence in the United States, but the process varies from couple to couple. It is a legal action taken by a married couple to end their relationship before either of them dies. The procedure begins with the filing of a petition in a court of law seeking the dissolution of the marriage. When you file for divorce in Pennsylvania, you must provide the following information to the court:
  1. A statement indicating that you meet the state’s residency requirements for divorce.
  2. Statutory information.
  3. A legal reason for the divorce.
All states allow you to file a no-fault divorce petition without listing any grounds or legal reasons or blaming your spouse. A divorce lawyer can guide you through the process and help you create a strong petition that will get you what you deserve. Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C.‘s divorce attorneys believe that the most effective resolution involves both parties and their legal counsel working together to reach an agreement. It is frequently difficult, and some couples choose to settle their differences in court. Our divorce attorneys have extensive courtroom experience as well as a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania family law. They may be able to assist you with your case.

How Do We Satisfy Your Legal Needs?

Going through a divorce in Pennsylvania can be problematic, and our lawyers will help you through the entire process step-by-step. We provide legal services that will help you with:

  1. Alimony.
  2. Child custody.
  3. Equitable distribution of property.
  4. Child support.
  5. Relocations.

We also provide valuable information concerning military divorce and the divorce laws in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Divorce Laws

A divorce lawyer is familiar with state laws and will know how to apply them to your case. They can assist you in evaluating your options and developing a solution that will put you on the path to a brighter future. They will provide you with all of the information you need to make sound decisions during the divorce process.

Whether your relationship is short-term or long-term, the attorney will guide you through the difficult times and get you what you need to move forward.

When filing for divorce in Pennsylvania, couples must abide by specific laws. They are as follows:

  1. You must be a resident for at least six months before filing a petition.
  2. The complaint must state the grounds for divorce.
  3. Division of marital property is equitable.

The divorce lawyer will ask you to produce documents containing crucial financial information, such as:

  1. Mortgage information.
  2. Bank statements.
  3. Credit card information.
  4. Loan statements.
  5. Tax returns.

The information in these documents will help create the best possible solution for your divorce petition.

Equitable Distribution Laws

Personal property and debts legally owned by both spouses are considered marital property. During a divorce, the court will divide the assets and liabilities between the parties. After a divorce, you can keep your pension, family trust, and personal debts from before you married. Pennsylvania follows the equitable division rule, which states that the court distributes property in a way that they believe is fair but not necessarily equal or 50/50. When dividing assets and debts, the court decides what is equitable for both parties. A divorce lawyer can help craft a marital settlement that can be fair and acceptable to you and your partner without letting the court decide. Agreeing with your partner will prevent you from incurring court costs and result in a better and more beneficial outcome.


Alimony and spousal support are intended to assist you and your partner in maintaining financial stability and sustainability during a divorce. Following a divorce, Pennsylvania family law allows for three types of financial support, which are as follows:
  1. Spousal support is money paid to a financially dependent spouse after a physical separation but before or during a divorce.
  2. Alimony pendente lite is paid to the dependent spouse to ensure they have the resources and means to move their case forward during divorce proceedings.
  3. Alimony is paid after a divorce is finalized to assist the financially dependent spouse in getting back on their feet.
The lawyer will help you acquire financial support and financial stability for you and your family during the process.

Contested And Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is possible when you and your partner agree to separate and discuss issues such as child custody and property division. Contested divorces, on the other hand, involve court hearings, petitions, and motions by the judges. The divorce attorney will assist you throughout the divorce process, whether contested or uncontested. They will listen to your legal issues and concerns and assist you in developing a plan that will work effectively for you.

Are You Looking for a Professional Divorce Lawyer in Lebanon, PA? Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C. is Here to Help!

You should hire a divorce lawyer to help you review your divorce agreement and make the best decisions. Not every divorce lawyer has the required skillset or qualifications from law school to help you win your case. Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C. has the best divorce lawyers in Lebanon, PA, and can assist you in handling your case as efficiently as possible. We have over 40 years of combined experience providing professional legal services in the areas of family and commercial law. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us or visit us online today!
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