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Get an Experienced Team of Family Law Lawyers to Tackle Your Custody, Divorce, or Other Family Issue

Many family issues, like divorcecustody, or adoption, are more complex than they seem at face value. Apart from navigating numerous laws and regulations, a lot of paperwork is involved, and, in some cases, negotiation and court proceedings.

All these things can be overwhelming and frustrating to the average person.

Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C. is here- to take care of your family law matters so that you don’t have to. Among other things, we will build a case for you with all the necessary evidence or supporting documents, present your arguments to the court, and negotiate to achieve your desired outcome.

So, why sweat it when we are here to walk with you throughout the journey? Talk to our family lawyer to get started.

Get Legal Counsel & Representation in All Family Matters with the Best Law Firm in Lancaster, PA

So, what exactly can we offer you? Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C.  specializes in all matters concerning family law and has ample experience to prove it. In our years in the industry, we have helped thousands of clients in Lancaster and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania with cases involving:


Under Pennsylvania family law, you may file for a fault or no-fault divorce from your partner. No fault divorce just means that you are saying that the marriage is beyond the point of repair. In a fault divorce, you are accusing your partner of breaking the union through adultery, abandonment, humiliation, bigamy, cruelty, or criminal convictions, to name a few. Our experienced divorce lawyers will help you pick which is best for you, build your case, and fight for your demands to the very end.


Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, may be awarded after a divorce settlement. However, it is neither guaranteed nor given forever. Instead, Pennsylvania law looks at different criteria to determine suitability.

With our experienced attorneys, you can analyze whether alimony is possible and, if so, how much will likely be awarded before going to court.

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We offer a free half-hour initial consultation to explore your case and our abilities.

In the event of a separation or divorce, custody of the children is one of the most grueling issues on the table. The state is responsible for making a decision based on the child’s best interests.

As a parent, you may seek one of three options: 

  • Sole custody: in this case, you retain 100% legal and physical custody.
  • Share custody: you share physical and legal custody of the child equally with your partner.
  • Partial custody: you share legal custody over the child, but the child lives primarily with one parent.

Our child custody lawyers are here to advise, represent, and fight for your interests in your child custody case. 

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Child Support

You may also go to court to oblige your child’s other parent to pay for the child’s upkeep, otherwise known as child support. Or you may find yourself on the receiving end of child support orders. Either way, you need a good lawyer to advise and represent you. And our family law attorneys are perfect for the job. 

That said, these four are not the only types of family law cases we handle. Our law firm can also offer counsel and representation in: 

  • Adoption
  • Legal guardianship 
  • Grandparent rights
  • Share property rights 
  • Domestic partnership agreements
  • Pre and postnuptial agreements

Why Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C. Family Lawyers in Lancaster?

When choosing a lawyer for your case, you are likely looking for someone with enough experience to win your case, as well as the right budget for your pocket. So, can I find a family lawyer near me? At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we have the right mix of features to make the best legal counsel for you.

These include:

40+ Years of Combined Experience

Our legal team of family attorneys has more than 40 years of combined legal experience. That means there is a case we haven’t handled and we definitely have the skill and practice to represent you.

Dedication to Your Case to the End

Our experienced lawyers will walk with you through your divorce, custody, or any other family law case to its conclusive end. Rest assured that we will dedicate our time, skills, and resources to fighting for a favorable outcome for you.

High Success Rates, with Real Reviews

We have successfully tackled hundreds of family law issues for our clients in Lancaster. And, we have the reviews to show our success rate. So, hire a law office with a proven track record.

Free Initial Consultation & Affordable Fees

Our law firms offer a free 30-minute initial consultation on all legal issues covered, almost at no cost to you. So, you can get advice on chances of success before investing money in pursuing it. Moreover, our experienced lawyer fees are among the lowest in the market, as we strive to be affordable for everyone.

Easy Reach & Regular Status Updates

Even though we take care of the heavy lifting for you, we understand that you would want to stay informed. So, we will keep you updated on court proceedings and general developments in the legal process.

What Other Cases Can We Help You with as a Resident of Lancaster, PA?

While our law firm specializes in family law issues, it is not the only area we cover. We are working to include more and more areas. Currently, you can also seek our help for:

  • DUI
  • Criminal Defense

Have Legal Family Issues Going on? We’ll Give Your Case the Best Shot at a Favorable Outcome

Dealing with a legal family issue can be exhausting, especially when everything is new to you or you don’t have time to keep up with all the proceedings. If this is the case, you need legal services from a reputable law office. 

But not all law firms are built the same. You want one that will give your case the best chance. So, where can I find a good family attorney? Get in touch with our trustworthy and  experienced lawyers today at Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C.

Visit us online or contact us today for more information and to get a free legal consultation. 

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