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Child Adoption Lawyer in Reading, PA

Experienced Child Adoption Lawyers in Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading is a family-friendly city in Pennsylvania. Living here makes you want to start a family, as there are a lot of happy, peaceful families among the 95, 000 or so people who live there. So if you are looking to adopt a child in Reading, PA, that’s a great idea.

Child adoption is one of the many divisions of family law, which is quite complex and sensitive because you are introducing a child into your family. The best way to make sure the process goes smoothly, especially for international adoptions, is to hire a qualified and experienced adoption lawyer.

A Child Adoption Attorney That You Can Trust

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we know how to handle all the complicated parts of adopting a child, even international adoption. We understand the urgency of adopting a child for adopting parents to bring joy into the family, and we strive to achieve that for them by doing the following;

  • Helping you fill out the multitude of paperwork to ensure all details are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Treating your child’s adoption legal process with a sense of urgency, concern, and care,
  • Providing the best adoption attorney to negotiate between you and the private adoption agency, while clearing off legal roadblocks.
  • Giving you our undivided attention and hitch-free accessibility.
  • Deploying our years of family law experience into your case to ensure you add that new bundle of joy to your family.

So, when you reach out to us as a potential adoptive parent, rest assured that you are entrusting your child’s adoption legal process to the best legal minds for the job. Our professional and experienced adoption lawyers will do everything they can to give you the best adoption service.

Advantages of Hiring a Child Adoption Lawyer in Reading, PA

Among other benefits, our law firm has the most experienced adoption lawyers to work with an adoption agency on your case. These include:

1. Ensuring a Smooth Legal Process

A professional adoption attorney makes sure that the client doesn’t get stressed out by the complicated legal process of adopting a child. They will get rid of problems and make it easier for hopeful parents or parents who want to adopt a child to do so legally.

2. May Help Locate Birth Mothers

In most cases, the child adoption lawyer can help locate birth parents for potential adoptive parents if they haven’t already. It’s their field, and they know several legitimate options for assisting clients.

In line with Pennsylvania law, adoption lawyers will also help birth parents and potential parents talk to each other, negotiate in gray areas, and make financial investments.

3. Court Representation

A judge has to give the final approval in family court for an adoption to be complete. Sometimes, issues may arise, or the judge might have reservations about the case and need further conviction. You’ll need a family lawyer who’s well-versed in child adoption law to confidently represent you in an adoption hearing when these issues arise.

We offer a free half-hour initial consultation to explore your case and our abilities.

With over 10,000 days of courtroom experience in Reading, Berks County, you can rest assured and expect a child in your home when you hand your child’s adoption legal process to us. Our child adoption attorneys have given many clients the happiness they seek in children through the following:

Sheer Integrity

As mentioned, adopting a child is a sensitive process that requires an honest and trustworthy lawyer. At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we’ve earned the trust of families, local courts, boards, and judges in child adoption cases in Reading, PA, and you can always trust us to handle your case.

Knowledge of Pennsylvania State and Local Laws

Adoption laws vary across different counties and states. We’ve worked in line with Pennsylvania adoption laws for many years and are familiar with parental rights, the proper paperwork, and every intricate part of adoptions in the state.

Our adoption attorneys also have a healthy bond with communities and adoption agencies, which can come in handy for your case.

We Work with Legal Trends

Our team of experienced and professional child adoption lawyers is acquainted with new legislation changes or any adoption decree peculiar to your case. They keep themselves abreast of the latest changes in family law to ensure your case is handled with current information and laws, not with sheer ignorance, which can lead to setbacks.

Can one parent’s rights be terminated without someone to adopt?

Generally, the answer is no. We often have people call who want to terminate his or her rights or who ask to have the other parent’s rights terminated. Typically, one parent’s rights cannot be terminated unless there is someone else to step into the place of the parent whose parental rights are being terminated. This means that generally a parent’s rights can only be terminated through an adoption. 

What happens after a parent’s rights have been terminated?

After parental rights have been terminated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, a second hearing will need to be held in order to finalize the adoption. This process varies by county, so it is important to hire an attorney who is well versed in the procedures specific to the county in which the hearing is being held. This is always a happy and emotional hearing. Courts encourage friends and family to attend this joyful day. Most courts permit photographs to be taken after the conclusion of the hearing. Some judges even love to be included in those photos. 

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The success of your child’s adoption process largely depends on your choice of an adoption lawyer. Make the right choice today and call us to get full legal help from our experienced adoption lawyers.

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