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If you are dealing with a personal family matter like divorce or are facing a criminal charge like a DUI, you’ve come to the right place. At Bentley, Gibson, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we offer high-caliber legal representation in family law and criminal defense.

As a small firm of dedicated and caring attorneys, we are able to provide reliable, responsive attention to every client we serve. We are sympathetic to what you’re going through and are committed to delivering a favorable outcome in your case.


Legal proceedings can be intimidating and stressful but we provide compassionate support and guidance every step of the way. Reach out to our attorneys, handling family law, DUI and criminal cases in Berks County, Lancaster County and Lebanon County.

Attorneys Committed To Making A Difference

We believe that Bentley, Gibson, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., is unique in our approach to the law and our service to clients. Whether you are dealing with a family law issue, facing the consequences of a DUI arrest or responding to criminal charges, we address both the emotional aspects and the legal issues. This holistic approach helps to put you at ease so that you can think clearly about your priorities and make informed decisions about matters with immediate and future ramifications.

  • We are counselors: Family matters and criminal charges have personal and emotional elements. Having gone through similar family law situations in their own lives, our attorneys are attuned to your concerns and the potential impact. We work to build trust through honest and practical advice.
  • We are problem solvers: It is in our nature to focus on real solutions rather than fanning the flames of conflict or taking the other party’s first offer. You can count on us to listen to your story and to respond with creative suggestions, unique strategies and a commitment to the most favorable result in settlement or plea negotiations.
  • We are litigators: Sometimes court is the only option. Our attorneys have more actual trial experience than any firm in the Reading area, with thousands of courtroom days between us. We are not afraid to go to court to fight for your freedom, your parental rights or your financial interests.

Just Talk To Us | We Offer A Free Initial Consultation

In some ways, handling a legal problem is like treating a medical problem: When we are contacted early in the process, we can often intervene to limit the damage of an arrest or prevent the escalation of family law conflicts. We spend a significant amount of time with clients at the beginning of their cases to understand the circumstances and explore different options and strategies. We want you to be comfortable with the approach and satisfied with the outcome.

We understand that you may be going through a tough time — perhaps your nerves are raw and your trust level is low; maybe you feel hopeless or helpless. For this reason, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to “try us out” and decide for yourself if we are really hearing you and if we can really help.

Bentley, Gibson, Kopecki & Smith have office locations in Wyomissing, Lancaster and Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Call us at 610-685-8000, or contact us online to schedule a meeting.

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Vigorous Defense Against Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction can impact your life in profound ways. In the immediate aftermath of an arrest, you could be facing a jail or prison sentence, substantial monetary fines or restitution, probation, and other court-mandated penalties.

Beyond the threats to your freedom and finances, you can expect to encounter additional setbacks. A criminal conviction can damage your reputation and potentially affect your personal and professional relationships. In the future, when you fill out any type of application, you will be legally obligated to disclose your criminal history. This can negatively impact your ability to get a job, get accepted into the school of your choice, obtain housing, secure a loan, and more.

The criminal defense attorneys at Bentley, Gibson, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., are committed to mounting the strongest legal defense possible on your behalf. We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial so that we have an in-depth understanding of all the facts in the case from day one.

Our ultimate goal is to get the charges against you dismissed or to minimize the consequences of a conviction. We have the knowledge, resources, and skill to give you the best chance at attaining a favorable result.

Criminal cases require early intervention. Right now, the prosecution is gathering evidence to try and prove your guilt. Don’t wait to seek legal assistance.

If you or a loved one is being investigated for a crime or has already been arrested and charged, call us at 610-685-8000, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.