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Grandparents’ Rights

It is not always in the best interests of a child to reside with either biological parent. Depending on the circumstances and the developments in Pennsylvania laws, a grandparent may have a right to petition for visitation or child custody. With this in mind you should seek the help or a family law firm handling grandparents rights cases.

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When Is It Appropriate To Request Rights?

It can be very difficult to recognize that your child is not currently capable of raising his or her own child. However, it sometimes is in the best interests of that child for the grandparent to temporarily or permanently raise the child. The most common circumstances are:

  • If the parents have a drug or alcohol addiction problem
  • If there have been instances of child abuse or child neglect
  • If a parent has abandoned the child
  • If a parent has lost his or her home
  • If a parent is in an abusive relationship

With recent changes to Pennsylvania law, it has become more difficult for grandparents to obtain custody or visitation. It must be shown that you have a history with the kids and a connection to them. The best interests of the children are always the determining factor, and how the grandparent custody would interfere with the parent-child relationship plays a role in this. Grandparents have a tougher road now than in the past. Our skilled attorneys can help you navigate that road, answer your questions and help seek the best possible outcome for your grandchildren.

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Pennsylvania Law & Grandparents Rights

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the laws regarding grandparents’ rights are continuously changing. Our family law attorneys stay current with the developments so that we can provide our clients with answers and guidance regarding available grandparents’ rights to child custody, visitation and child support.

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