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When should men in Pennsylvania consider alimony?

After a divorce, men who are eligible for alimony may use it to improve their earning potential or spend more time with their children.

In spite of shifting roles in the home, many people in Pennsylvania may assume that it will be the wives receiving alimony or spousal support payments after a divorce. Social mores are changing, though, and now more husbands than ever are seeking it in their divorce negotiations.

Eligibility may not be enough of motivation for some. For those who are reluctant to be supported by their ex-wives, here are a few reasons to consider requesting alimony.

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When marital sacrifices led to missed opportunities

Reuters points out that while both spouses bring value to their marital relationship, often one of them provides the primary financial support. Some people may forgo better jobs in order to avoid a move that would require their spouses to leave a promising position with their company. This type of decision puts people at a disadvantage when the relationship ends and they do not have the earning power they could have had. Some view alimony as a chance to recover those lost opportunities.

When standard of living may suffer significantly

In any divorce, going from two incomes to one can change a person’s financial outlook. Losing the support of a breadwinner has the potential to be devastating, particularly if a man is a dependent spouse because he has suffered a job loss or is underemployed. Receiving spousal maintenance may be the only way to be able to afford a place to live, food to eat and transportation until a good job can be found.

When it enables a father to be available for his child

ABC News reports that in recent years, it has become more socially acceptable for fathers to be the primary caregivers for their children. If a husband maintains a schedule that allows him to fill this role during the marriage, alimony may be the only way that he can continue to provide this support after the divorce. An ex-wife who expects the same level of participation from her child’s father may be more willing to agree to spousal maintenance, as well.

When it allows him to get an education

Many put off getting a degree so they can work while their spouses go to college. If choices made for the good of the relationship prevented the husband from getting an education, he may not be able to maximize his earning potential. Short-term alimony may provide the support he needs while he completes his schooling and begins his career.

Although there should not be a gender bias when it comes to awarding alimony, it may still be a problem in some courts. An experienced family law attorney may be able to provide the legal representation necessary to ensure that a man gets the support to which he is entitled by law.

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