Traffic Violations Attorney Lancaster County

Have you recently been cited for committing a Pennsylvania traffic violation? I can help you. Being cited with a traffic ticket can costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Under certain circumstances, you may not have violated a traffic offense, yet were still ticketed. Fortunately, you can fight a traffic violation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about Pennsylvania’s traffic violation laws and how our Reading traffic violation lawyers can help you.

Pennsylvania Traffic Violation Representation Overview

In Pennsylvania, the police may pull you over for hundreds of reasons. Being cited with committing a traffic violation could result in serious penalties and fines in addition to serving jail time, and points added to driver’s license. Having a poor traffic record can impact your employment, security clearance, and future employment opportunities.

Our experienced Lancaster traffic violation attorneys will provide you with quality legal representation. We have successfully handled countless Pennsylvania traffic violation cases. Our legal team provides legal representation for the following Pennsylvania traffic violations:

  1. 1. Driving without a license, a suspended license, or revoked license
  2. 2. Speeding
  3. 3. Driving an uninsured vehicle
  4. 4. DUI/DWI
  5. 5. Hit and run
  6. 6. Reckless driving
  7. 7. Improper lane change
  8. 8. Fleeing and eluding the police
  9. 9. Failure to stop at a red light or school bus
  10. 10. Manslaughter or negligent homicide involving a motor vehicle

Contact our Lebanon, Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyers if you have been cited with committing any of the above referenced traffic violations. You can pay your traffic ticket or fight it. You will have 30 days to “comply” with the ticket. You can either pay the ticket, request a waiver hearing, or request a trial.

If you pay the fine amount, you will automatically receive a conviction on your driving record. Points will also be added to your driving record. If you request a hearing, you must admit guilt to the traffic violation. You will have the opportunity to inform the judge of the circumstances leading up to the traffic violation. The judge will hear you out and render a decision. The judge may reduce your fine amount requiring you only to pay court costs. If the judge grants you a Probation Before Judgment, the ticket will not be added to your public driving record.

In the event you request a trial, the state will have to produce witnesses (example – the police officer and any eye witnesses) and prove that you are guilty of committing a traffic violation beyond a reasonable doubt. If the judge finds you guilty, you will be sentenced accordingly. If you are found not guilty, the case will be dismissed. You can file an appeal if the court’s decision is unfavorable.

Contact Our Lancaster Traffic Violation Attorneys

We invite you to contact our Berks County traffic violation attorneys to discuss your alleged traffic violation. We can represent you at trial and ensure the best legal defense is asserted on your behalf. Do not delay in obtaining legal guidance and advice. You have a short period of time to contest the alleged traffic violation.  Contact our Reading PA traffic ticket lawyers today to find out more about how we can help you.