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Kutztown University Criminal Defense Lawyers

Kutztown University Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are a student at Kutztown University in the Lancaster, Lebanon or Reading, PA areas it is expected that you will conduct yourself in a certain manner. This includes adhering to local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances. The same goes for state and federal laws. If you violate any laws and are arrested for a crime or misdemeanor you are subject to local penalties and consequences imposed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, you may be sanctioned by the college, institution or university for violating their Student Conduct Policy.

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Probation Before Judgement

With certain crimes and violations in Pennsylvania you can enter a guilty or no contest plea on a Probation Before Judgment basis and any further legal action will be postponed indefinitely and you will be placed on unsupervised probation for a given period of time.

Provided you stay out of trouble no further legal action will be taken. If you get arrested again the probation is removed and you will be penalized as though you were never given the probationary period. Accepting responsibility for your action in this manner is known as ‘Probation Before Judgement’ (PBJ). PBJ is normally only an option for those who are first time offenders.

Common College Campus Crimes

Any type of crime can take place on a college campus. They are usually fueled by drugs or alcohol as when under the influence decision making and judgment are negatively impacted. Typical crimes in Pennsylvania are are:


Violent crimes

Property crimes

Underage consumption

Drug possession

Sex offenses

How A Reading PA Student Crime Lawyer Can Help You

By virtue of being arrested police you may have to face criminal charges as well as face penalties imposed by the school’s Office of Judicial Affairs. Being charged, and ultimately convicted of a crime or misdemeanor in Pennsylvania can possibly jeopardize your academic future with the university. A PA criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights in court. They can also ideally get your charges dismissed or dropped altogether if the circumstances and your criminal history allow for it.

What our Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers cannot do is help you regarding university administrative hearings unless you have been charged with a felony of some sort.

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