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Dealing With Hidden Assets

It may sound like something out of a movie, but it does not take much for someone to head down to the Cayman Islands with a duffel bag full of cash to set up a secret bank account. You want to make sure your attorney considers all assets known and potentially unknown as you prepare your financial future after a divorce. The more information we have, the better we can help.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., we will do everything we can to discover any hidden assets that could impact your property division settlement. Since Pennsylvania utilizes equitable distribution, your property and liabilities will be divided in a manner the court deems fair. However, in order to divide assets fairly, you must be aware of all of them.

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Protecting Your Right To Fair Distribution

Recently, more than 50 Americans were caught trying to evade taxes by hiding money in the UBS Bank in Geneva. Hiding assets is a more common practice than people think. Without due diligence, you may not get the equitable property settlement you deserve.

However, just as there are ways to hide assets, there are ways to find them as well. With the advent of the Internet, it is easier than before to locate assets. Our lawyers will help you find hidden assets that could impact your divorce settlement, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • Property

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