driving on a suspended license

If your Pennsylvania driver’s license is suspended or revoked for any reason, and you were caught driving, you could be facing serious penalties. If the original suspension was due to a DUI or you have multiple suspended license violations, you may be subject to mandatory jail time.

Many people do not realize (until too late) that driving on a suspended license is such a major offense. In fact, many people are not even aware that their license is suspended until they are pulled over for some other reason. The lawyers of Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., provide skilled representation for this complex scenario. We can address the underlying circumstances and make sure that you are not unjustly accused of a crime or doubly punished. Our attorneys will fight for your freedom and for preservation or restoration of your driving privileges.

Pennsylvania Suspended License Violations (1543a And 1543b)

Your driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons, including unpaid parking tickets, too many speeding ticket points, child support arrears, drug possession and driving under the influence.

Pennsylvania statute divides driving while suspended into two categories:

  • 1543a (driving while under suspension for non-DUI reasons) — There is no mandatory sentence on a first offense, but some district court justices do give jail time. Subsequent offenses are punishable by up to six months in jail.
  • 1543b (driving while under suspension for DUI or breath test refusal) — The mandatory minimum sentence is 60 days (maximum 90 days) on a first offense, a minimum of six months for a second offense and a minimum of two years in jail for a third offense. If the person has any alcohol or any drugs in his or her system at the time of the arrest, minimum jail time is 90 days.

I’m Suspended? How Did It Come To This?

Many drivers make the mistake of thinking that they can drive after 12 months of suspension. You are eligible for reinstatement after serving your suspension, but you must go through the steps of getting your license reinstated, including an ignition interlock device in repeat DUI cases.

If you drive before being officially reinstated, you are subject to all the statutory penalties as if you drove your car during your suspension period. In fact, many people unknowingly rack up six or more suspended license violations in a short time, which can trigger a 30-day mandatory jail term. Our lawyers can help to walk the case back to avoid severe criminal penalties on top of the hardships you already face.

Our lawyers are familiar with programs in Bucks County and other jurisdictions to avoid jail time, the criminal conviction, black mark on your driving history and other adverse consequences. We will also help to get your driving privileges restored as soon as possible under your circumstances.

We Understand The Seriousness And How To Help

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