When you think of vandalism or criminal mischief, you may think of kids spray-painting graffiti on the sides of buildings. Criminal mischief also includes damage to cars, breaking windows and any other form of damage to property. These crimes are serious and they can be expensive. Therefore, they are charged according to the value of the property that was damaged, which can include felony charges. If you broke an expensive window, you may be facing a very severe potential sentence. Law enforcement takes these and all crimes seriously.

The property damage lawyers of Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., will defend your rights and your freedom. We offer aggressive representation with compassionate counsel to our Pennsylvania clients. We understand how any conviction can impact your future, and we want to prevent the worst from happening.

Preventing A Minor Mistake From Becoming A Major One

We conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence the police have accumulated against you and compare it to your account of events. Our attorneys look for holes in the prosecution’s case as well as alternatives to sentencing, such as paying restitution, which would allow for a dismissal upon satisfaction.

Arson, like many crimes in Pennsylvania, is charged on a variety of levels, meaning you may be accused of reckless burning, endangering property or endangering people. Both arson and vandalism have misdemeanor and felony charges associated with them.

If you reach out to our attorneys early on, we can represent you during police interviews, bail hearings and arraignments. This may also give us the opportunity to negotiate the charges against you before they have been filed, potentially mitigating some of the damage.

We are experienced trial lawyers and are not afraid to take your case to court. However, we will be upfront about the charges you are facing and how much we can do for you. Part of this is explaining all of your options and advising you as to which one you should take. Obtaining the best possible outcome in your case is our priority.

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