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Learn About Sentencing Alternatives

A conviction on your record can impact the rest of your life. Fortunately, there are several sentencing alternatives available in Berks County. These alternatives give you the chance to go through a rehabilitation program and may help you avoid a conviction on your record.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys pursue these options whenever they are appropriate. We are familiar with how each of these programs work, the requirements for entry and the ultimate benefits when you are finished. We will advise you on whether alternative sentencing options would work for you.

We offer a free half-hour initial consultation to explore your case and our abilities.

We have been successful in enrolling clients in the Reading, Pennsylvania area who qualify in the following programs or alternatives to sentencing:

  • Drug treatment court
  • Mental health treatment court
  • Veterans court
  • Intermediate punishment program
  • Boot camp
  • Accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD)
  • Second-time offenders program (STOP)
  • DUI treatment court
  • Community service
  • Dismissal upon satisfaction

Using Our Knowledge of Sentencing Alternatives To Your Benefit

Our lawyers are familiar with how the criminal justice system works and how sentencing is frequently handed down. We know which situations are appropriate for alternative sentencing and which are not. We will be honest with you about all of your options and inform you of any alternative sentencing programs that would help you.

We want to get involved as early as we can in the process — that way we can represent you during interviews with the police or the prosecution, as well as bail and arraignment hearings. This may also allow us to negotiate the charges against you before they are filed, potentially reducing the amount of trouble you are in, and possibly making you eligible for one of these programs. Our goal is the best outcome for you.

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