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Probation And Parole Violations: How To Deal With An Accusation

People who have been convicted of crimes may be put on probation instead of sent to prison. People who have served part of their sentence may be released on parole. In both situations, there are conditions you must meet to maintain this privilege. If you fail to meet these conditions, it can result in serious consequences.

At Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C., our Reading probation and parole violation lawyers will defend your rights and mitigate any potential damage if you violate the conditions of your probation or parole on a technicality or by committing a new crime.

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Some technical violations can include:

  • Failure to report to your probation or parole officer
  • Failure to report for a mandatory drug or alcohol test
  • Failure of a mandatory drug or alcohol test
  • Failure to pay court costs or fines as ordered
  • Failure to comply with conditions of your parole regarding counseling or community service
  • Failure to keep a job or uphold your family obligations, such as child support

If you violate the conditions of your parole, you may be returned to prison to finish the remainder of your sentence as a consequence. If you violate probation, you can be re-sentenced to more probation and time in jail or prison.

Preserving Your Freedom

Our Pennsylvania attorneys go to work quickly, talking to your probation officer to try to negotiate a suitable alternative. We are diligent about protecting your interests and helping you maintain your current status. We know the rules, we understand the system and how it works. If you have committed a probation violation, we will do whatever we can to protect you from potential consequences.

You have the right to a Gagnon hearing, which determines whether and to what extent your probation or parole will be revoked. We will attend these hearings with you and use our extensive trial experience to argue for your rights and your freedom.

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