drug crimes

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Pennsylvania can have a lasting effect on your life. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, it is a serious matter. A drug conviction will appear on a background check and may be impossible to expunge from your record. 

Possession of even a small quantity of drugs may result in serious jail or prison time, significant fines, and dramatic long-term consequences, including higher maximum punishments if you are charged with drug crimes in the future. Because of the potential consequences of a drug crime conviction, you need the help of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Bentley, Kopecki, Smith, P.C.’s criminal defense attorneys understand how intimidating the criminal justice system can be. We know how the system works, the differences in each individual county, and we will advocate for you at every stage of the process and help limit the impact drug charges have on your life. Our attorneys offer compassionate and competent counsel for those accused of drug offenses.

Experienced Defense for Drug Crimes

Our experienced attorneys handle the full spectrum of drug crimes and related offenses:

  • Drug possession —possession of smaller amounts of marijuana, cocaine, meth, other controlled substances, and even prescription drugs in some cases are generally misdemeanor offenses
  • Possession with intent to deliver — possession of larger quantities of marijuana, cocaine, meth, other controlled substances, or prescription drugs can be felony offenses.
  • Delivery of a controlled substance- being charged with delivering any controlled substance, including prescription drugs, is a felony offense
  • Manufacturing a controlled substance- — manufacturing meth or K2 or even growing marijuana can be a felony offense

While drug crimes carry heavy penalties, our attorneys understand effective defense strategies and alternative sentencing opportunities that may be available to you such as drug court and accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD). These programs can help individuals charged with drug crimes avoid convictions and help people with addiction issues get the treatment they need.

The sooner you retain legal counsel, the better your chances of avoiding the serious consequences for drug charges. You should have an experienced attorney representing you during interviews and hearings. Your attorney can help prevent you from making your situation worse and identify procedural issues that can help your defense. An attorney may also be able to negotiate a reduction in the charges against you before or even after they are filed.

Protecting Your Future From the Collateral Consequences of a Drug Crime Conviction

Many drug crimes are charged as felonies in Pennsylvania, even if you have no criminal record . A felony conviction has serious consequences, including not being allowed to own a gun in Pennsylvania.  Drug convictions can also result in sentence enhancements (longer jail time and higher fines) for any future criminal convictions. This means that a criminal record may affect all aspects of your current and future opportunities. A drug conviction has an incredibly broad long-term impact. It can:

  •  Impact your ability to obtain college scholarships or jeopardize your current college enrollment. 
  • Cause you to lose your current job or reduce your options for future employment. 
  • Make you ineligible for many professional licenses. 
  • Prevent you from participating in certain volunteer activities. 
  • Impact your immigration status, and cause you to be deported.
  • Make it impossible for you to travel internationally (even to Canada).
  • Make you ineligible to own a firearm, including hunting rifles, for life.

Don’t let this happen to your future. Our experienced trial lawyers know how to fight for your rights. We will explore all possible defenses, including Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations, Miranda rights violations, and other procedural issues. We know the tactics some law enforcement officers use to infringe on your constitutional rights and how to hold them accountable. We will be honest with you about the charges you face and the options available to protect your future. Our goal is to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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