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Bench Warrants

Resolving Bench Warrants In Pennsylvania

If you have been arrested in Pennsylvania you will be required to appear at various court hearings while the case is pending. If you fail to appear at a hearing, or fail to comply with conditions of bail, a bench warrant may issue for your arrest. When a bench warrant is issued, the person’s name is entered into a database that police departments all over the country can access. If that person has any police interaction whatsoever, or any interaction with government authorities such as airport personnel or sheriff deputies, that person will likely be arrested and immediately detained. Being arrested on a bench warrant is a negative situation because you can be detained in jail until authorities arrange for your transportation (by either picking you up or having a “prison bus” transport you). If you have a bench warrant for your arrest you should begin resolving the issue by consulting with a criminal defense attorney handling bench warrant resolution. Our attorneys can advise on the correct course of action for surrender and, in some situations, jail time can be avoided.

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Reasons For Bench Warrants Being Issued

You may have a bench warrant issued for your arrest for any of the following in Pennsylvania:

  • Missing a scheduled court appearance
  • Violating a condition of your bail; i.e. SCRAM monitor violations
  • Neglect or fail to pay fines, fees or child support payments
  • Violate a court order

Penalties If Arrested On a Bench Warrant

If you have contact with authorities while you have an active bench warrant, you can be taken into custody immediately. You may be held without bail until you are transported to the corresponding county courthouse for a hearing. Naturally, if the District Attorney’s Office and the judge conclude that you purposely failed to appear for court or committed some other violation, the penalties and consequences may be more severe.

In some counties, bench warrant court is only held on certain days of the week.  This information can be helpful in deciding when to report to the Courthouse to resolve a pending warrant.  This is why consulting with an attorney is a great idea, to hopefully minimize the consequences of a pending warrant.

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